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Crosses are a group hard to define. No part of their sound is rigid, or firm; the entire world this duo crafts is one of utter creative freedom. Chino Moreno, of Deftones fame, and Far guitarist Shaun Lopez combined their talents back in 2011, the inception of Crosses. Over the past decade, between their other respective projects, the pair have worked tirelessly on extended plays, a debut album, and even soundtracking video games. Now, Crosses have unleashed their long-awaited sophomore LP: ‘Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete’.

The record kicks off with ‘Pleasure’, a synthesiser-heavy track, packed with industrial soundscapes and Moreno’s classic drawling vocal style. An overture sealed with everything from techno to ambient, ‘Pleasure’ is an appropriate and fitting introduction to ‘Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete.’. The album that follows is free flowing, unconfined to any strict boundary of sonic style. ‘Light As A Feather’ sees the pair dabbling in more trap-orientated instrumentals, the snare choice being a rather well-known one, with elements of dark pop shining through on much of the record’s hooks and choruses, especially on this cut. ‘Grace’ is a more relaxed moment, gentle soundscapes the ticket here rather than massive synths, and then the metal-tinted ‘Last Rites’ perhaps feels like fan service for the Deftones cult with its grandiose riffs, even the vocal production on Moreno’s voice is reminiscent of the sonics of seminal Deftones project ‘White Pony’. 

‘Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete.’ is dark, alluring, a brooding and moody dose of synth-heavy alt music, layers of industrial focused production the backbone to some fantastic songwriting and toplines from Chino Moreno. The project does retain a level of focus and direction, despite the chameleon-like nature of Crosses, making for a thoroughly enjoyable and dynamic listening experience. 


Words: James Mellen

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