a_shes Is Taking A Moment of Reflection on ‘glory days’

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a_shes is marking his return with brand new single ‘glory days’.

A potent offering from the Malaysian-Bornean artist, the track lends itself to a pulsing, synth-pop production that builds momentum throughout. With distant piano keys growing in resonance, the track’s swelling textures allow for the riser to take centre stage. 

As the vocalist spills his radiant vocals across the hook, he carries a tone of reflection, taking a glimpse back at adolescence through the fresh lens of adulthood. Sonically, the track abounds in nostalgic euphoria, taking after the likes of Lorde and Troye Sivan

Taking a DIY approach in his craft, a_shes is now shifting towards the obstacle of a debut album. By experimenting with different sounds and influences further, the artist continues to elevate his material – something that ‘glory days’ leads by.

Speaking on the track, a_shes expands on the creative process: “I started tinkering with the production a while back, taking chords from songs I was listening to at the time and experimenting with the structure.”

Tune in now.