Abi Ocia Shares Lush, Soulful ’30 Underwater’

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West London’s Abi Ocia returns with new song ’30 Underwater’.

The songwriter has a profoundly personal relationship with music, only releasing material when she feels the time is right. Blending an expansive view of R&B possibility with an array of outside influences, Abi’s voice is the glue that binds this mixture together.

2021’s beautiful ‘LTWYLM’ (Love the Way You Love Me) became a breakout moment, with more than one million streams to date. Using this as a point to recalibrate, Abi Ocia ends her silence with this lush, immersive new offering.

Out now, ’30 Underwater’ is a mirror to her soul, with Abi deciding to put her thoughts and feelings down on record. Abi Ocia comments…

‘30 Underwater’ is an accurate summary of all I’m currently feeling below the surface. An awareness of the passing of time has been a heavy theme in my life at the moment.

It’s brought up many questions, particularly as I move towards the end of my 20s – where am I going in life? Should I be further along than I am? Am I running out of time to achieve certain things? What have I lost? The list goes on. It’s been a very painful season.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Elena Cremona