AJA Drops New Single ‘Karma’s A B’

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AJA paves her path with new single ‘Karma’s A B’.

The much-tipped pop breakout launched her career in 2020, a bright-eyed 16 year old with high hopes. Unfortunately, we all know what happened next…

Time out during the pandemic saw AJA grow both as a person and as an artist, focussing on her ambitions with renewed alacrity. A string of singles have seen the Toronto born singer re-emerge, and she’s about to head out on a 22-date Stateside tour with Leah Kate.

New single ‘Karma’s A B’ is a bright, colourful pop statement, a ludicrously catchy piece of music with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics. A song about watching the downfall of your enemies, ‘Karma’s A B’ finds AJA once more in control – and that’s how she likes it.

A fun, light-hearted single, it revels in spite and displays AJA’s pop flair in full – tune in now.

Photo Credit: Luke Fenstemeyer