Anaïs Cardot Shares Blissful Live Take On ‘Purple Room’

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Rising force Anaïs Cardot has shared a blissful new live take on ‘Purple Room’.

The songwriter has found co-signs from the likes of Masego and Lizzie McAlpine, her soulful pop carrying a jazz-like flexibility. Continuing to evolve, her recent graduation from Canada’s Ottawa University has freed up valuable time – time that she intends to put to good use.

Her incoming EP ‘Pink Magnolia’ is a discussion of her evolution, with the titular flower serving as a metaphor for her ongoing development. She comments: “Like the flower, this body of work remained veiled, hidden from the world before revealing its beauty, vulnerability and authenticity that resonates deeply with the listener. Thus, ‘Pink Magnolia’ stands as a testament to growth, encapsulating the journey of the flower.”

New single ‘Purple Room’ is set in Paris, and it acts as a neat summation of where the singer is right now – potent, laced with potential, she’s able to communicate her emotions with unerring accuracy.

We’re able to share an intimate live clip, recorded at After Dinner Records in front of a devoted audience, it’s an absolute pearl. Anaïs shares

“’Purple Room’ is a Parisian winter love story that shows just how naive we are at the beginning. The live version is extended because I always feel like there’s more to say when I’m in front of an audience.“

Tune in now.

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