Andy Crofts – Live At The 100 Club

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Sometimes a live album can spirit you away and make you feel like you were at a gig even if you weren’t able to be there. Case in point when it comes to the new album from Andy Crofts’ live collection ‘Live At The 100 Club’. The frontman of psychedelic-rock band The Moons has also been reunited with his bandmate Chris Watson on piano and guitar who puts in a first class performance alongside the sublime Lunar Street Quartet.

‘Live at the 100 Club’ is a captivating new album that showcases Andy’s impressive pedigree as a singer-songwriter. Aided by impeccable production and by his compelling live performance, the album captures the magic of Andy’s stellar gig at the renowned London music venue from last autumn. 

The majority of the tracks on the album are from his work with ‘The Moons’ which have been further elevated in a live setting as well as with the additional strings. It also features the dreamy and evocative ‘Westway’ his first release from his highly-anticipated solo album which is due out next year.

From the sumptuous poignancy of ‘The Old Brigade’ from ‘Pocket Melodies’ by The Moons which was released in 2021 to the whimsical and joyful ‘Maybe I’m the Perfect Man (For You)’ from the same album, every track showcases Andy’s cacophony of irresistible melodies and eloquent lyrics in a dynamic live setting. 

Whilst there’s a nostalgic feel to his songs, there’s a timeless British pop sensibility about it, with catchy hooks and exquisite melodies that effortlessly complement his observational lyrics. 

This collection of live tracks has an ebullient yet intimate feel, with Andy’s soothing velvety vocals delivering a compelling performance including a haunting version of ‘Jennifer (Sits Alone)’ and a rousing version of fan favourite ‘English Summer’ from 2012’s ‘Fables of History’, each of the 14 tracks capture the very essence of Andy’s (and The Moons) distinctive sound.

As well as performances from The Moons last album ‘Pocket Melodies, the album also boasts brilliant live versions of tracks from earlier releases from The Moons critically-acclaimed 2010 debut ‘Life on Earth’ with sublime tracks like ‘Wondering’, ‘Chinese Whisper’ and ‘Don’t Go Changing’. It also features an emotional and impassioned ‘Sometimes’ from 2014’s ‘Mindwaves’.

This is a no holds‐barred triumph from Andy Crofts and this album stands as testimony to his lyrical insight and ability both as a performer and as a songwriter.


Words: Emma Harrison