august at night Shares Debut EP ‘Collection I’

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A new era dawns for august at night.

The singer-songwriter pivots to an electro-acoustic sonic template on debut EP ‘Collection I’. Over four tracks, august shifts between sepulchral and ebullient terrains, singing of new beginnings, connection and reciprocity. It’s a work that finds vigour in stillness and space, unfurling with ever repeated listen.

Of the project, august says: “There is Collection I, and there are the songs that came before it. We call that period, “the before times”. Those times are prehistoric. Primordial. They’re a planet that doesn’t know yet what it is, or what it wants to be.Collection I’ is Era One. The birth of something special. Something that pokes its smooth head out of the water and looks up at the setting sun, the rising stars, and says I am.

This is august at night. Welcome.”

Listen to ‘Collection I’ here…