Aural Air’s ‘Night By Night’ Carries An Ethereal Energy

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Aural Air has shared her latest single ‘Night By Night’.

A warm, intricate offering from the Irish singer-songwriter, the track serves as a spotlight moment across Laura Rai’s latest EP ‘Imagined Pastures’. Across the song, Aural finds a balance between movement and stillness, embracing a down-tempo, acoustic production that allows for Rai’s vocals to truly pierce through. Chilling in their quality, the songstress leans into elongated melodies, swaying between folk-tinged hooks and verses.

‘Imagined Pastures’ opens up the next chapter for Aural, a collection of tracks that capture the relationship between rural Ireland and the Atlantic sea, exploring the artist’s self identity and beyond. Aligning with the sounds of Jeff Buckley, Anna Calvi and Slowdive, the project has an ethereal, alt-pop energy, navigating through nostalgia and introspection. Since making her debut with 2018’s ‘The Torpor of Minds’, the artist has graced an array of stages, from Electric Picnic to Stendhal Festival and The Workman’s Club. 

Adapting her performance to both intimate and broad crowds, Aural Air continues to build her discography with her latest EP.  ‘Night By Night’ marks the artist’s step forwards, a defining moment through and through.

Speaking on the track’s creative process, Aural expands: “The melody became an affirmation that circled around my mind on loop, in defiance of everything I wanted to move on from. It felt natural to layer it with heaps of delay and modulation on the guitar, this created a sense of movement and warping of reflections into something new”. 

Tune in now.