Awir Leon Shares Latest Single ‘Neelam Stone’

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Awir Leon has shared his latest single, ‘Neelam Stone’.

The French vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer is a blazing force, one who dabbles between the elements of electronica, alt hip-hop and indie music. 

‘Neelam Stone’ is a moody, intricate offering that leans into the genreless, focussed on carving its own sonic identity. Embracing the subtleties of electronic music whilst incorporating lo-fi basslines and auto-tune aesthetics, the track is a bold entry point to the artist’s third studio LP, ‘Love You, Drink Water’. 

The project is deemed to be Leon’s most introspective, a raw and honest message to the inner self. Across 12 tracks the artist crafts an eclectic listen, a nod towards the discographies of James Blake, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul and Thom Yorke. Trained professionally as a dancer, Leon’s music has a distinct understanding of movement and structure, naturally evolving into something genuinely momentous and mature.

‘Neelam Stone’ marks an exciting period for Awir Leon, set to perform at Paris Philharmonie alongside Amala Dianor. Now sharing his third body of work with fans, the artist inches towards his most authentic, assured and experimenting creative self.

In conversation, Leon adds…

My third studio LP, ‘Love You, Drink Water’ is an album grounded in personal chaos, in one of these moments in life where you act impulsively, outside of the social norms, and blind to the consequences in order to find your feet. This moment that some call ‘the path of the fool’.”

“The title ‘Love You, Drink Water’ is something my 3 year old niece told me during this period. It came out of nowhere and felt like the most caring thing anyone had ever said. This story is not why I chose this title, but it echoed like something I needed to tell myself. It’s a perfect title for this album because when I listen to these songs now, this is what I want to say to the guy singing.”

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