Benjamin Gustafsson Launches New Album ‘The Nature Within’

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Malmo musician Benjamin Gustafsson will release new album ‘The Nature Within’ on September 8th.

Swedish musician secluded himself away to craft this project, spending months alone at a house in the woods. Working tirelessly, his downcast acoustic subtleties took on new hues, before emerging, refreshed into a more optimistic world.

Out on September 8th, ‘The Nature Within’ is acoustic in tone – there’s a cover of Nick Drake’s immortal ‘Which Will’ on the tracklisting – but it goes deeper, stretching that palette in the process.

New song ‘Sleeping?’ is out now, and it acts as an introduction to the project as a whole. Circular, cyclical songwriting, its rumanative qualities take on a meditative air.

He comments…

 “‘Sleeping?’ was written in the house in the woods I spent more than two years in by myself. I remember I had woken up multiple times from very vivid dreams. Those milliseconds between being so immersed in a dream, to waking up into reality was really hard to just brush off. I started to think and read a lot about dreams, and this song kind of embodies that time.”

Tune in now.

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Home Again
Wake Me Up
Moments Flow Upwards
Which Will
Waiting For The Sun
Alone Again