Bok Bok Drops Jazz-Infused EP ‘Duetto’

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Seminal UK producer Bok Bok has shared his new EP ‘Duetto’ in full.

The beat maker returned with last year’s ‘Ouais’, a track that opens a fresh era in his work. The early luminescence remained, but Bok Bok seemed to be intent on skirting around the outer edges of house, matching these fragmented dancefloor tropes with an almost jazz-like sense of improvisation.

New EP ‘Duetto’ continues this instinct, a hypnotic quartet of system rollers that infuse his work with deft arrangements. Opener ‘Raining Inside’ continues the jazz tip, the electrifying keys containing hints of Herbie Hancock. ‘L’Chordian’ taps into late 80s euphoria, while ‘Ouais Pt. 2’ darts ever outwards into a percussive realm.

Closing with title cut ‘Duetto’ it’s another impressive document from a producer who never fails to excite.

On the release, Bok Bok says…

“I’m deep into my percussive, house-adjacent dance tracks at the moment. I made these quickly and intuitively to follow on from last year’s ‘Ouais’, intending to cause some cheek-to-cheek sexy dancing and dancefloor trancing…” 

Looking ahead, Bok Bok will play a key role in the Night Slugs 15 Tour, a multi-city escape celebrating 15 years of this ever-excellent label. It all kicks off on May 7th in London’s Venue MOT, with the line-up boasting Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Fiyahdred and more.

Check out ‘Duetto’ now.