Bonneville Share Brand New Single ‘Boogeyman’

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Bonneville have released their brand new single ‘Boogeyman’.

An ode to 70s R&B and soul, the nostalgic duo set pace with a rich, funk-tinged offering. Taken off of their sophomore album ‘Flying Machine’, the track takes its listener on a journey,  capturing the essence of live music through raw instrumentation and warm, expressive vocals. Lyrically, the band caution against the force of contemporary media, likening its tactics to those of The Boogeyman, a mythical character created by parents to steer children away from mischief.

Made up of Jeff Hayashi and Wes McGee, Bonneville are striving for a timeless sound. Influenced by the likes of Bobby Womack, The Spinners and Tower of Power, they offer a fresh perspective on post-disco and neo-soul. ‘Flying Machine’ is no different, a vibrant collection of tracks that push Bonneville towards their next steps.

Speaking on their latest release, Hayashi details:  “This track leans a little more old school than the others, and I wanted to incorporate strings and capture that late 70’s east coast R&B movie sound.”

Tune in now.