Casey Neistat Makes Vlogging Comeback | Highsnobiety

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After having sold his video company, Beme, to CNN for an impressive $25 million, YouTube star, Casey Neistat, announced late last year that he would in fact be discontinuing the vlog that essentially made him one of viral media’s biggest stars. As of March 25, Neistat returned to the video hosting platform YouTube to announce that, “The vlog’s back.”

Having previously disclosed points of his boredom and so-called “creative depletion” as a result of incessantly having to upload new, fresh content to his preliminary channel, Neistat mentions that he is excited to be back exactly two years after having shot his very first video.

Shot in and around Miami on the occasion of his birthday, he states that all videos posted prior to this one were in fact somewhat of a run up to the official announcement. Highlighting points of his current partnership with CNN, Neistat also goes on to vocalize the points which made him quit in the first place, in a bid to avoid such pitfalls for the future.

Be sure to check out the first episode above and head to Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel for further updates.