Casey Neistat on Why He Sold up to CNN for $25 Million

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It was announced yesterday that Casey Neistat, the Steven Spielberg of viral videos, sold his video company, Beme, to CNN for $25 million, stirring up a flurry of mixed reactions on the internet.

To dispels rumors and untruths, Neistat has come out with his own side of the story, told through an easily-digestible and highly-watchable YouTube video – just like everything he has ever done.

The video, which is titled “I sold my company to CNN,” is told in five parts: The Vlog?, Fear, The Future, Money, and Thank You. It roughly breaks down Neistat’s reasoning and the decision process that drove him to sell up to The Man. Go on, watch it, Neistat tells it much better than I do.

For more info on the sale, read here.