Caslean Soars With ‘Heartbreak Discotheque’

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Caslean is at her best on new single ‘Heartbreak Discotheque’.

The London based artist has deep Chinese roots, and has won considerable acclaim in China with her future-facing pop. A lawless artist, Caslean’s aesthetic independence is matched to her emotional impact, and her melodic intent.

Each new single stamps out a highly distinctive persona, adding further pages to her story. Caslean returns with her most elastic endeavour yet, offering the pristine pop of ‘Heartbreak Discotheque’.

Reminiscent of The Marías or 9m88, the bubbling energy that propels ‘Heartbreak Discotheque’ is unrelenting. Lyrically, it teases apart a mutual attraction – and finds that not all is what it seems.

Caslean comments…

It’s a song about the sparkle between a naive girl and an experienced man. The girl wants to give out all of her sincerity, energy, and love; but the man just hurts her feelings, steps back, and doesn’t want to go further than that night.

The choruses are designed as empty without words or meanings, but only with ‘balabla’. It’s a very emotional expression of feelings for that girl. Also, it’s designed to be a live environment for the first part and a studio environment for another two parts to have a contrast between shyness at the beginning and confidence in the end.

Tune in now.