Chartreuse Confirm Debut Album ‘Morning Ritual’

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Chartreuse have laid out plans for their long-awaited debut album ‘Morning Ritual’.

A group blessed with a rich abundance of talents, the band represent a feast of music. Melding together indie rock tropes a la The National with gilded folk aspects, Chartreuse have already released a string of wonderful songs.

Debut album ‘Morning Ritual’ lands on November 10th via Communion Music, a project that has pushed Chartreuse to the outermost reaches. “There’s a strange optimism in pulling all of your negative traits out, revising and reviewing them, and then putting them back, in order,” says Mike Wagstaff

Two new songs accompany the announce: ‘All Seeing All The Time’ is hypnotic in its melodic allure, while title track ‘Morning Ritual’ has the punch and heft of ‘Boxer’-era the National.

Vocalist Hattie Wilson discussed the making of ‘All Seeing All The Time’ –

This song is about the multitude of information we have available to us whenever we want it. Whether that’s factual or fake. The idea arose when I started to worry about Rory’s news intake, he was checking it at all hours of the day and waking up to look at it, there was a lot going on in the world at the time and still is. The lyrics are quite self-explanatory, there’s no hidden meanings in there. 

This song took many forms, and we tried a lot of ideas to make it work, originally being led by a synth line and my vocals which just didn’t quite work, Mike then took on vocal duties, we took the synth out, replaced it with guitar and the rest followed, we cracked it.

Vocalist Mike Wagstaff summed up title song ‘Morning Ritual’ – 

In the thick of ordinary life we perform morning rituals. With having someone to love, you get up for work, pick up dry cleaning, brush your teeth and problems / fears and self-loathing can always be sandwiched in-between a huge amount of love.

Tune in now.