Chrissi Shares ‘No Love Unrequited’ EP

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Essex riser Chrissi has today unveiled her new EP ‘No Love Unrequited’, out via Listen Generously.

Across four tracks, the singer captures the vicissitudes of falling in and out of love, consecrating raw anecdotes and weaving them into daybreak reveries for the listener. There are bracing moments were Chrissi excavates her scars; ‘Overusing My Shoulder’ is a flecked “tale of abuse” featuring vocals from Orla Rae, and ‘Burden’ is an indie-soul mid-tempo backed by gossamer strings scoring feelings of disenchantment with emotionally unavailable men.

But ‘No Love Unrequited’ is ultimately a 13-minute redemption song, and it ends with the ultimate kiss-off, ‘Kiss My Ass’. Produced by DetoNate, it’s home to some of Chrissi’s most brazen lyrics as she rises above feelings of unknowing to a place of clear-as-day clarity.

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Photo Credit: Sarah Tucker