Claire Rosinkranz – Just Because

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Claire Rosinkranz delivers dreamy Gen Z anthems straight from the heart on debut album ‘Just Because’, but her ‘Backyard Boy’ roots seem to remain. Much has changed since the 19-year-old was working on music with her dad in their garage as a child: one thing has remained constant and consistent, and that is her relatability.

The cheerful, sweet vocals that enticed listeners with stories of misadventures with friends, navigating relationships and dealing with the compound emotions of being a teenager are all promised and executed well on this record: tracks like ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Never Going Away’ are playful and light-hearted, bringing listeners back to the dewy-eyed nostalgia of her early work.

‘123’, ‘Sad In Hawaii’, ‘Wes Anderson’, ‘Pools And Palm Trees’ and ‘Screw Time’ had already hit streaming services prior to the album release, all displaying Rosinkranz’s tendency to combine energetic yet whispery vocals with upbeat pop rhythms. The album’s deep cuts are where the true glory resides. ‘Gum’, ‘Banksy’ and ‘Polarized’ offer a more mellow, contemplative side to Rosinkranz, deviating just enough from the buoyant melodies she has a natural affinity for. ‘Mess’ showcases a raw vulnerability, integrating her parents’ love of classical music; the growl of the strings compliments the sensitivity and emotion in her foregrounded voice, as she proclaims “why am I such a mess”. It’s a seasoned maturity not yet seen from the teenager star but it’s exciting to witness.


Words: Tamzin Kraftman

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