Claire Rosinkranz Shares New Single ‘Wes Anderson’

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SoCal pop voice Claire Rosinkranz returns with ‘Wes Anderson’.

The West Coast riser is a huge film buff, and frequently allows this to filter into her work’s visual aspects. New single ‘Wes Anderson’ nods to the titular director, and there’s something of his idiosyncratic originality in her music.

Out ow, the single finds the 19 year old talent pushing past heartbreak, learning to place focus and emphasis on the aspects of her life that give value. Beautifully melodic, she sings: “When will you wake up? Get over your heartbreak.”

Discussing the song, Claire Rosinkranz reveals that ‘Wes Anderson’ fell into place with remarkable ease, coaxed into being in just a few sessions. She says…

“Honestly, this song started when I walked into my bathroom and started singing gibberish into the air. I kinda just spit out, ‘Let me set the picture like Wes Anderson,’ and then started making up the rest of the story. It’s about being hung up in a relationship/person that just wasn’t that great, and needing to refocus on the important things in life.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Samuel Fisher