Clash Picks: The Alternative Coronation Playlist

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The Royal Family aren’t everyone’s cuppa. To some, they may well represent British tradition, providing a binding element to a disparate family of countries. To others, they’re an Imperial hangover, a sign of a country that refuses to grow up. Additionally, some folk think they’re all a bunch of secret lizard people.

What we can say is that – factually – King Charles III will be crowned this weekend, with all the pomp and pageantry the British state can muster. Nick Cave reckons it’ll be a spectacle, while for many fans it’s an excuse to turn the television off and go for a walk.

What’s beyond doubt, though, is that we’re getting an additional Bank Holiday and that means one thing only – more time to listen to great music.

With that in mind, the Clash team, our writers, and beyond pieced together Coronation Nation – an alternative playlist for the coming weekend.

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