Claudia Fenoglio Shares Beautiful New EP ‘What If I’m Here Forever?’

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Leeds based songwriter Claudia Fenoglio has shared new EP ‘What If I’m Here Forever?’ – tune in now.

Raised in Cheshire, it took a family trip to Nashville for Claudia to catch the music bug. Entranced by the country capital, her voice took on Americana aspects, filtered through a lens of UK folk, indie rock, and the odd slice of pop, too.

Inspired by the likes of Julia Jacklin or Phoebe Bridgers, her work taps into her feelings on a direct, intimate level. Fulsome, beatific, and sharply melodic, Claudia Fenoglio couples her innate musicality to some lyrical twists and turns.

New EP ‘What If I’m Here Forever?’ is out now, and it’s an excellent example of her artistry. Constructed alongside close friend and producer Tim Malkin, the two sketched out the material at the fabled Green Room studio.

She reflects…

The songs on this record all came about in the same way; sitting on my bed with my acoustic guitar, mumbling melodies into my phone. After figuring out the melodic foundations of each song, I would spend hours envisioning how I wanted them to sound in my head and compiling playlists of inspirations.

Tune in now.