Coach Party – Killjoy

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Last year alone, Coach Party played one hundred and twenty live shows. And still found time to deliver the fantastic extended play ‘Nothing Is Real’. This quartet have always boasted an immense work ethic, seen in black and white through last year’s efforts alone. Now, Coach Party have finally revealed their debut studio record – after a just as busy 2023. 

On this debut effort, Coach Party flitter between pop punk, indie rock and power pop, each arrangement meticulously crafted to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Between the pop polish is the gnarly ‘Parasite’, Coach Party dabbling into heavier, punk rock territory. The oversaturation on Jess Eastwood’s voice doesn’t feel all that necessary – given her true ability to deliver a monstrous scream – but literally kicking up the distortion elevates the chaos and frantic nature of the track. What Coach Party do across ‘Killjoy’ is injecting a poppy bloodline into the more guitar-driven genres, such as the New York tinted ‘Hi Baby’, or the arena balladry of ‘All Of My Friends’. Though their influences are worn on their sleeves, the sheer energy and fun Coach Party seem to be having across this record do craft a sonic identity.

This Isle of Wight quartet’s debut record is a wickedly nihilistic manifesto of stadium proportions. Huge soaring riffs, heavy breakdowns and plenty of earworm choruses result in an exceptional effort from Coach Party, their relentless work ethic over the past few years culminating in the white-knuckle-ride that is ‘Killjoy’. Soon to be household names, Coach Party refused to be pencilled in to one genre, but still managed to retain consistency, coherency and identity on their debut record, a feat rarely seen – so keep an eye on them. 


Words: James Mellen

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