Dagny Introduces New Trilogy Of Mini-Albums

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Dagny is set to release a trilogy of mini-albums.

The Norwegian pop trailblazer stole our hearts with debut album ‘Strangers / Lovers’, an astute blend of synth pop tropes and dramatic lyrical honesty. Since then, her profile has blossomed – this Autumn, she plays her biggest show yet, a 10,000 capacity venue in Oslo.

Taking time over her next step, Dagny has just laid out plans for an ambitious follow-up. Indeed, it’s a triple follow-up – a trilogy of mini-albums, beginning shortly with inaugural instalment ‘ELLE’.

She comments…

I’ve always been a bit nonchalant about the concept of a ‘difficult second record’, but I had to eat my words a little here. I didn’t want to write the same album over again, but finding new things to inspire me musically and personally – turned out to be more challenging than first expected. 

Having experimented with a variety of sounds, emotions and subjects, I had all these songs that meant something to me, but I needed to find a way to put them all together in an album. Not wanting to limit myself creatively or emotionally, I started playing around with the concept of different alter egos or amplified versions of myself, as ways of organising the songs.

I’ve never been one to over-share personal details, so telling stories (some personal, some not) through characters like ELLE felt like an exciting way to get my thoughts, emotions & experiences into new songs.

Set to hit the UK in Spring – she’ll play London’s O2 Academy Islington on April 3rd – Dagny has also shared new song ‘Ray-Bans’. A pristine slice of alt-pop, it opens with those spiky guitar lines, a moment of real urgency from the Norwegian trailblazer.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Torgeir Rørvik