Decoded: Che Lingo

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We’re back with a new episode of Decoded!

Filmed in-studio, we invite a CLASH co-signed artist into the studio, dissecting their latest work through a thoughtful interrogation of influences, themes and iconography. For episode 7, we’re joined by South London artist Che Lingo.

Arriving a few years after 2020’s ‘The Worst Generation’, ‘Coming Up For Air’ is Che’s most introspective project to date. In conversation, Che shares how he used the experience of making this album as a therapeutic exercise, processing a turbulent period where he dealt with familial loss, injuries, relationship struggles, money issues, and even an eating disorder.

Che shares the inspiration and intricacies behind key songs ‘Jaded’ (watch the visual here) and ‘Out The Blue’, how the recurring motif of water aided his spiritual rediscovery, and why it was key he offset the cataclysms in his life with the sense of community and togetherness he’s fostered in his music since his debut.

View part one of the conversation now…

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