Di Petsa SS24

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London Fashion Week wraps up a summer that – for the spiritually inclined – was ruled by the Venus Retrograde, where the planet and goddess of love, art, and beauty decided to come for us all. So, when Di Petsa presented the esoteric SS24 collection titled ‘Reflections of Venus’ on Friday, telling the tale of love with visual performers draped in symbolic ensembles, it seemed the stars had aligned over the capital.

Known for distinctive ‘Wetlook’ dresses, Di Petsa was founded by Greek designer Dimitri Petsa in 2019 and continues to traverse the fluid relationship between women and water with each collection. For SS24, this allegorical exploration took the form of a hypnotic performance of the ‘Birth of Venus’ story, led by Dimitri herself, as a choir of dancers caressed a naked ‘Venus’. She emerged in a molten gold iteration of the ‘Wetlook’ dress, setting the celestial standard for the rest of the collection. 

To the sound of wailing siren calls, Di Petsa’s models and performers donned a collection of organic textures and prints reminiscent of frothy waves and sea moss; unravelling criss-cross lacing that revealed the female form; healing crystals, beads, and bells; and draped satin that rippled seductively across the wearer. One of the standout looks incorporated a clay wine jug, which would’ve looked at home in any Ancient Greek symposium, sculpted by the designer to resemble a pregnant belly.

Rife with sacred symbolism of fertility, the nostos of physical touch, and the sanctity of self-love, it looks like Di Petsa truly channelled divine inspiration for the SS24 collection.