Dime Drops "Knowing Mixtape Vol. 2" Skate Video: Watch It Here

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Montreal-based streetwear brand Dime looks back to its roots as a collective of skaters with the release of their long awaited video titled “Knowing Mixtape Vol. 2.”

The visual piece is presented by Thrasher Magazine and follows Dime’s nostalgic ’90s skating aesthetic of grainy clips and interspersed, non-skateboard related footage. Members of the original Dime Crew including Antoine Asselin, Alexis Lacroix, and Bob LaSalle are featured in the video alongside pro skaters Tiago Lemos, Jamal Smith, and more.

In true Dime fashion, the video starts off by showing the skaters failing to land tricks then progresses into 16 minutes showcasing an impressive lineup of technical prowess:

Dime’s previous video, “Knowing Mixtape Vol. 1,” documented the crew during an outing reminiscent of the bowling scenes seen in The Big Lebowski. The cult favorite film shares similarities with the skateboard-crew-turned-brand in their approaches to their respective crafts and how they value attitude over strict content. For both, it’s clear that only “knowers will know…”