Dot Allison’s ‘Double Rainbow’ Is An Autumnal Feast

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UK songwriter Dot Allison has shared her song ‘Double Rainbow’.

The track was penned during creative activity for her 2021 album ‘Heart-Shaped Scars’, but didn’t quite feel at home on that album. As her (excellent) 2023 LP ‘Consciousology’ came into being, it became apparent where the song’s true heart lay.

Out now, ‘Consciousology’ is a fine piece of work, with ‘Double Rainbow’ acting as a sort of centre-piece. Psych-folk that feels just right for these Autumnal days, it boasts guitar from Ride’s Andy Bell and the input of a mic’d up plant.

“So, in effect, the song has a guest performance from a botanical session player,” Dot laughs. “I placed a Brachyglottis Sunshine on top of the Steinway grand piano at the studio and, using a PlantWave, recorded its ‘voice’ through a Neumann U67. It was pretty endearing and actually really moving to hear this translated into a melody.”

A fresh edit of the song is out now, shining renewed light on Dot Allison’s artistry; a freshly commissioned video has been shot by film maker Robbie Crawford.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Maria Mochnacz