DOVE-i Enter Trip Hop Climes With ‘Metamorphosis’

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Songwriting team DOVE-i return with new song ‘Metamorphosis’.

The project hinges on the creative relationship between Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny, two musicians with vast depths of experience. Aligning during the pandemic, their incoming album ‘It’s Pop Fiction’ illustrates their multi-faceted skills.

Out in September, the record spans their “resilience through art”, as the pair put it. In a note to fans, DOVE-i comment…

This album was born during the first lockdown in France. In this very special period when the world was at full stop, this opus is in a way the original soundtrack of a movie that nobody would have imagined.

As an act of resilience through art, the songs address deep questions, anchored in the reality of this new decade : inner metamorphosis, artistic questioning, love renewal, identity at the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, richness of the differences, the Earth that we leave to the future generations…So many fundamental themes set in motion through music in a resolutely cinematographic spirit by the Dove-i collective with the collaboration of talents from all over the world.

New song ‘Metamorphosis’ is out now, and it dips into their passion for trip hop – dank, moody production reminiscent of Massive Attack, the hushed atmosphere is topped off by a vivid vocal from Fifi Song (who has previously worked with Tricky and Yello).

A carefully finessed single, ‘Metamorphosis’ epitomises what lies ahead for fans – tap in now.