Echo Juliet’s ‘Red Sun’ Is Deeply Atmospheric

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Echo Juliet has shared new song ‘Red Sun’.

The rising electronic artist has an emotive touch to their work, blending organic aspects with inquisitive digitalism. Tipped by broadcaster Jamz Supernova, Echo Juliet’s work carries shades of Four Tet or even Gold Panda, but with something deeply original underneath.

New mini-album ‘Abandon Reality’ is out on October 27th, and it broadens the producer’s work. New song ‘Red Sun’ is out now, and it’s a beautiful example of her blossoming artistry – painterly in scope, there’s a real sense of world-building to her production.

Reminiscent of Bonobo in its wide-open feel, it harks back to her youth in the rural outskirts of Essex, watching the sun go down. As beatific and pastoral as this sounds, there’s also an edge of darkness, with Echo Juliet also channelling her own climate crisis fears.

“I have so many memories of sitting in the back of the car staring out at dramatic sunsets over the fields,” she says. “I was also reflecting on the fact that we’re getting more and more red skies now as a result of pollution and wildfires, and that marginalised people are always affected most by the climate crisis. A thing which seemed beautiful to me has now become a warning sign.”

Tune in now.