Ela Rexha Shares Illuminating Pop Burner ‘Night Calls’

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Ela Rexha returns with new single ‘Night Calls’.

The German-born pop voice was a music prodigy at a young age, learning to play the piano at five years old. Later taking dance classes, her urge to express herself was undeniable – and it never left her.

Now grappling with the stresses and commitments of adulthood, Ela Rexha opts to express this through her songwriting. A flurry of pop singles have sketched out her identity, with ‘Night Calls’ adding something seductive yet dark to the mixture.

The heavy duty bassline sits on top of those pirouetting electronics, before Ela’s voice takes centre stage. A song about those late night interruptions, ‘Night Calls’ is a plea for self-respect, and the right for women to assert boundaries.

There’s a sense of defiance, the energy moving towards a place of free expression. She explains…

“My music is inspired by my own life. So it’s a song about female self respect and the enjoyment of saying no. Take it easy, be unavailable, stand on your own feet, be happy on your own and again self respect.”

Tune in now.