Ella Grace Pens A Letter To Her Younger Self

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Ella Grace has been through a lot. The songwriter’s work is marked by those experiences, the processes of illness and recovery, grief and survival. It’s helped her mature, both as an artist and as a person.

Out now, new single ‘The Edge’ wraps all of these emotions up into a melodic bundle. In turns soothing and challenging, the song was partly prompted by her Mum’s friend’s battle with cancer, while focussed resolutely on universal themes.

A cathartic piece of songwriting, ‘The Edge’ is a coming-of-age moment. Writing for Clash, Ella Grace pens a letter to her teenage self…

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There’s a solidifying of “self” that happens as I approach my 29th birthday that’s both so relaxing  and unbelievably uncomfortable. It’s like having a home inside myself that I built over the last 20  years and yet constantly wondering whether it’s the right home for me to live in. I’m restless  because of your successes, I’m needy of freedom and change because of everything you did, and  I am eternally grateful that you were so brave.  

Music was the only thing on my mind growing up, you would beam at what’s happening. You’ll  work with producers who’ve made all the music you listen to – Paolo Nutini (!!!!), Laura Marling,  Ray LaMontagne. You’ll have over 20 Million streams (??!?!), you will BE A MUSICIAN (can you  believe it) and people will love your voice that you’re so worried sucks. You are so wrong! Thank god. Enjoy the ride. 

So, here’s my advice, from me to you… 

– You’re a fawn, you will trip over, it’s good for you. Trust it. 

– Keep throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks 

– Never stop being brave when it comes to what you want to do and create. From this place you will make loads of great, beautiful things.  

– Move around A LOT, you have the ability to see the world, so do it. 

– Your alopecia clears up and you can stop wearing wigs.  

– Don’t worry about the depression, it will always pass and in the end you will find something that  really helps. 

– TRUST YOUR GUT, you will find you are – for the most part – right. 

– Don’t be scared of conflict, it’s really healthy.  

– Don’t pedestal people who require pedestaling for their ego to survive. Leave immediately!!! 

The aim was always to be “complete” by this age and I honestly have no idea what that means to  me now. I feel proud at how hard I worked to “work it out”, and it turns out I would never manage  that. What a crazy idea. 

It’s funny writing to you now. In many ways I’m trying to shed you at the moment – it’s pretty  unkind seeing as you got me here. You were messy and so brave when it came to self belief and  self expression and honestly, I feel so fortunate that you are in me. 

I will move into my 30s with you firmly in the centre of my chest. You will come along for the whole  ride, for good and for bad, you will never miss a thing.  


Ella xxxxx

Photo Credit: Elif Gonen