Eric Penn’s ‘Timber’ Relishes Soulful Creation

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Eric Penn exudes soulful charm on new single ‘Timber’.

The Virginia Beach-born songwriter speaks from the heart, with his truth resonating amongst fans. Dipping into vintage soul, 90s R&B, and aspects of neo-soul, his voyage dips into some of our favourites, while always executing an individual vision.

2020 single ‘Sinking Sand’ became a breakout moment, often compared to the likes of SiR and D’Angelo. Since then, he’s shared his ‘Living Room Sessions’ EP in full, before going back into the studio to find renewed focus.

Out now, ‘Timber’ is a slick return, his dulcet vocal supplying soulful skills. Allowing himself to loosen up a little, the song resonates with the joy of creation, affording Eric Penn space to step outside the rules.

He comments…

“As I continue to move deeper into my music journey, I am searching for a specific feeling that resonates before I ever write a word. Art is something that should be expressed freely, and ‘Timber’ was that for me. Sometimes I become a bit too rigid with creation, and that rigidity tries to camafloge itself with intentionality.”

“The creation of the song was ethereal. It just made itself. It was just something I  felt deeply and I didn’t have to force it. I hope that that message is conveyed clearly when you hear the song.”

Tune in now.