Exsonvaldes Are Making A Comeback with ‘Change’

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Exsonvaldes have returned with their brand new track ‘Change’.

A euphoric offering from the French trio, the song weaves between hazy acoustics, spurts of heavy distortion and warming vocals. Serving as an introduction to the band’s fifth studio album ‘Maps’, all three members warn against the cyclical nature of the world, sharing an eco-conscious approach to their art. Striking most poignantly across the track’s hook, they collectively chime in: “everything is going to change because nothing ever changes!”

The current day marks a particularly special moment for Exsonvaldes, marking their comeback after six years.  Their latest project acts as a window into the group’s travels, extending into a genre-defying, era-spanning collection of tracks. Navigating between indie-pop, rock and synths, there’s a bright tone to ‘Maps’ that equally sets out to make a statement. Take ‘Good-Bye Europe’, a track that longs after the relationship between England and Europe, ironically written before Brexit. Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Dansé’ and ‘Party People’ capture a snapshot of nightlife, hangovers and foggy recollections. Entirely written and produced by the group themselves, the project has proven itself worth the wait.

‘Change’ opens up a new chapter for Exsonvaldes, all set for their tour across France, Spain and Germany in 2024.

Tune in now.