Finesse2tymes Gets Backlash for Saying He’s Converting to Islam

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Finesse2tymes is reacting to negative comments about him recently announcing he has decided to convert to Islam.

Finesse2tymes Responds to Backlash for Changing Religions

On Monday (Nov. 6), Finesse2tymes announced he plans on changing religions via social media. However, the change will not come until he releases his next LP.

“After this album I’m converting Muslim,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

The announcement got many people weighing in on social media, some with disparaging comments. Finesse responded to the backlash in the comment section of a SayCheeseTV Instagram post about his revelation.

“Y’all always making fun and laughing when a person trying to get they life together, If u struggling and wondering why, it’s because u look down on everybody and u still down yourself,” the 2023 XXL Freshman wrote. “U don’t get blessings having a sour heart , Im graduating from the streets, I outgrew the old me, Im seeking knowledge and wisdom more, financial literature, parenting skills etc.”

He continued: “Me personally IDGAF, Im strong mentally, But this message is for the ones who laugh at people who actually have problems, and come to the internet for help because no one else is helping them. Mental health awareness is real, And converting to Islam, Muslim, it’s all the same, but y’all look for for any flaw to laugh at someone who’s successful or doing more than u, I understand, god bless u people, inshallah.”

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Finesse2tymes Expecting Multiple Children

Back in September, Finesse announced he is expecting two children, after both of his girlfriends revealed they are pregnant. He celebrated the news by sharing a video singing Soul for Real’s 1994 single “Candy Rain.” Last month, Finesse and his future BMs shared photos from a group maternity photoshoot.

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See Finesse2tymes revealing he is converting to Islam and reacting to backlash below.

Check Out Finesse2tymes’ Thoughts on Switching Religions

Finesse2Tymes converting to Islam.



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