GayC/DC Are Looking For A Fabulous New Guitarist

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GayC/DC – the world’s most fabulous AC/DC tribute band – are looking for a new guitarist.

The LA band are cult heroes, transforming the none-more-heterosexual hard rock icons into something a little more queer-friendly. Party-starting boogie legends, GayC/DC have taken on a life of their own – so, if you’ve got ‘Big Balls’ and want to get ‘Thunderstruck’, then this is the band for you.

Sadly, GayC/DC lost guitarist Clint Yeager in Spring, taking time out to grieve their comrade-at-arms. Now, they’re hosting online auditions for a replacement, holding down the ‘Malcolm Young’ role in the band.

Arguably one of rock’s pre-eminent rhythm guitarists, Malcolm Young supplied the bedrock for those AC/DC classics – it’s not as flashy as Angus and his school kids uniform, but it’s totally essential to their sound.

In a note, GayC/DC write:

We are faced with the tough task of replacing someone that is irreplaceable. After long deliberations and sensitive considerations, GayC/DC are now opening up for auditions for a capable and flamboyant guitarist who embodies AC/DC’s driving guitar force, Malcolm Young.

To that end, we would like to extend an open invitation to any LA-based gay male guitarists interested in joining us in the Malcolm role. We are hoping to fill the position by the end of the year.

Send your audition tape to them via an online portal – make sure you are performing “in your most fabulous stage gear.”

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