Genesis Owusu Shares ‘Stay Blessed’

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Genesis Owusu has shared his new single ‘Stay Blessed’.

The Melbourne based multi-hyphenate is set to release a new album this week, with ‘STRUGGLER’ slated to land on August 18th. One final preview is now online, with Genesis Owusu sharing his new single ‘Stay Blessed’ in full.

Matching sharp-edged electronics to vivid songwriting, Genesis infuses his innate world-building approach with an incredible sense of character. A profoundly individual voice, this comes to the fore on ‘Stay Blessed’.

Out now, the single comes equipped with a Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore-directed video featuring Owusu and his Roaches – fans who travelled across Australia to take part in the shoot. Each of them had a red stripe dyed into their heads, reflecting the imagery of the project itself.

Genesis Owusu comments…

7 days before this was shot, i put up an instagram story asking if anyone was available at this specific time, at this specific place, but most importantly, if they were a baldy / were down to shave and colour their head for me. Thank you to the 70 people who flew up, drove down, and skipped work to come mosh with me. Roaches 4L.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Bec Parsons