Gotts Street Park – On The Inside

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Leeds-based instrumental soul unit Gotts Street Park have finally unveiled their debut album, an eagerly anticipated project since their first slew of excellent singles back in 2017. ‘On The Inside’, the first full length effort from the trio, is a stunning and melancholic body of work, the tempo slowed, the production glossy yet still retaining a vintage timbre. 

Opener ‘Summer Breeze’, featuring the remarkable Rosie Lowe, is a soothing overture to the record, rich harmonies and careful instrumentation a gentle introduction to the world of Gotts Street Park. Much of the foundation of this album is centred around lazy drumming and jazz-leaning harmony, a welcomed pairing, the end results often exceeding expectations. ‘Purple’ is an instrumental number, a rich, lo-fi moment, an organ drone leading the charge, the guitar taking the spotlight. It’s a nice moment, giving Gotts Street Park a brief interlude in which they are able to perhaps experiment a little more than they have on other tracks. ‘Fool For Love’ features Manchester’s Pip Millett, the track weaving through sun-soaked melodies and a stunning batch of motifs from duelling electric pianos, Millett’s vocal work effortless and confident. 

‘On The Inside’ is a wonderful blend of soul and R&B, a cohesive and assured debut record. The smatterings of indie, pop and more alternative moments keep the project fresh, the trio carving their own lane in the heavily saturated modern R&B circuit. Though the instrumentals are where Gotts Street Park truly shine, the trio showing off remarkable musical ability and production chops, while crafting intricate soundscapes, rich in emotion and imagery. ‘On The Inside’ is a fantastic debut, a project that will easily stand out in its field, and for all the right reasons. 


Words: James Mellen

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