H.E.R. Finds Inner Strength With ‘The Journey’

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H.E.R. returns with new single ‘The Journey’.

It’s been quite a rise for the R&B aesthete, with the past five years bringing 25 Grammy nominations – five victories – an Academy award, and an Emmy. Debut album ‘Back Of My Mind’ landed in 2021, with Clash writing: “finely contoured, carefully finessed, it utilises R&B as its starting point while yearning towards a broader sense of soul that is curiously more universal, while becoming yet more personal.”

The past few weeks have brought an unusual project, with H.E.R. and ESPN teaming up. New song ‘The Journey’ was used in their NBA footage, interwoven around those narratives of success and failure, triumph and re-building.

Out now, ‘The Journey’ is a motif for her personal arc, and finds H.E.R. looking back. A moment of introspection, she gives thanks for her wins, while also remaining connected to her roots.

Tune in now.

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