HAAi, Jon Hopkins, Kam-Bu Align On ‘Always Ascending’

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HAAi leads an all-star charge on new single ‘Always Ascending’.

The producer du jour helms the noted DJ-Kicks mix series, and it follows on from last year’s excellent full length ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’. Out on November 10th, she’s fresh from a frenetic series of summer dates, including some knockout Glastonbury sets.

New track ‘Always Ascending’ – coy reference to her LP in the title – aligns HAAi with Jon Hopkins, and the pair meld together club tropes with a world-building framework based on the ambient lineage.

There’s real fire in that rhythmic engine, however, with versatile UK rapper Kam-Bu sitting on top.

Speaking on his contribution, Kam explains… 

“The song’s lyrics revolve around themes of love, trust, and surrender. It encourages embracing imperfections and speaking kindly to yourself. My aim was to explore the importance of knowing yourself and not conforming to the expectations of society. To ‘always ascend’ felt to me like a message of resilience and the action of seeking personal growth through difficult times. The repeated phrases highlight the significance of trust, surrender, and self-acceptance.”

For her part, HAAi adds: “This track is so special to me. Getting to collaborate with two people I love dearly and whose work I really admire was such a joy. It’s like a MK ii of Baby We’re Ascending. An extension of that track reimagined for now. KAM’s lyrics have so much meaning and heart and combining that with Jon’s incredible synth sounds really tied everything together. The track is about togetherness, love and self belief.”

Tune in now.

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