Haiku Hands Detail New Album ‘Pleasure Beach’

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Haiku Hands will release new album ‘Pleasure Beach’ in December.

The Australian dance-punks blend a deeply physical approach to music making with a real zest for life, their unkempt exuberance making them irresistible. The trio’s debut album landed in 2020, and they’ve spent time focusing on their next step.

‘Pleasure Beach’ finds Haiku Hands adjusting to shifts in their lives, with parenthood and increasing responsibility subtly altering the way they make music. New single ‘Feels So Good’ is out now, and it incorporates some Big Beat influences – think Fatboy Slim’s pop peak – into their punk-leaning chassis.

Claire Nakazawa says: “I recorded my vocals for ‘Feels So Good’ two nights before I gave birth, so the chorus ‘let it out it feels so good it makes you want to cry’ took on a whole new meaning. The music is inspired by Fatboy Slim’s anthemic dance vibe and Gorillaz.” 

Band mate Beatrice Lewis adds: “Feels So Good’ is a song about speaking your truth into a world that would often much prefer you to stay quiet, polite, in line and obedient. It can be speaking loud political truths or quiet needs and wants to the people closest to you. This song is a dedication to those moments in your life when you can be brave enough to find your voice and let it out.”

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Bronte Godden