Harry Bodley-Scott’s ‘Bad Dancing’ Is About Being Yourself

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London indie pop songwriter Harry Bodley-Scott returns with new single ‘Bad Dancing’.

The singer uses music as a mirror, as a way to delve into his feelings. Songwriting means the world to him, a space where Harry Bodley-Scott can be true to himself, and say the words he wishes to hear.

So far, the world has been listening. A SoundCloud success story, his song ‘Times Of Our lives’ was picked up for a major sync – it was used in Harry Wootliff’s film True Things, which starred none other than Ruth Wilson.

New single ‘Bad Dancing’ is shorn of this glitz and glamour, however, and nails down what Harry does best. A fun, frisky piece of indie pop, the clipped electronics sit against his neat guitar lines, so potent and exact.

Lyrically it breaks free from expectations, with Harry Bodley-Scott aiming to live his truest life. Building to that enchanting, summer-fresh chorus, ‘Bad Dancing’ is an ode to throwing out a few steps, and acting as though no one is watching.

He comments…

“’Being Yourself’ is not something you try to do, it’s something you let yourself do when you can stop trying to manage how you are perceived. So, Dance Badly, be yourself.”

Tune in now.