“I Want Destruction!” Robb Bank$ Is Unrepentant

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With his unique blend of hip-hop, trap and alternative rap, Robb Bank$ is certainly making a name for himself.

Born into a musically inclined family, his father a dancehall artist and mother a gospel singer, the youngster naturally found himself drawn towards the craft of rhymes, fine-tuning his ear to the next wave of underground sounds. Lauded for his cut-throat, gritty lyricism, Bank$ approaches his music as a reflection on drug culture, relationships, and growing up in his hometown of Broward County, Florida. 

The current day marks a turning point for the artist, challenging his peers as he hits refresh with a bold, experimental production that alters those of his 2015 debut, ‘Year of The Savage’. Savouring the release of his latest body of work, ‘Falcon Of The Millenium – Falconia’, Bank$ continues to push his ambitions further, hinting towards a fresh, hybrid evolution of rap.

Between tightly-packed schedules and a highlight performance at Rolling Loud LA, tag-team presenters Sophie Beeching and Don’t Be Mike caught up with Robb Bank$ to dive into his artistic process, inspirations and future material. 

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We’re here at Rolling Loud Day Two, we’re here with the one and only Robb Bank$. How are you doing? 

I’m good.

How does performing here compare to New York, Florida? 

I love LA, I love LA crowds depending on what mood they’re in. You never know what they’re feeling, so you’ve got to go off their vibe. If they just want to stand still, then you got to go with them, you got to hype ’em and get ’em right. If they ready to go, then we ready to go. 

Do you prefer the hype crowd or you prefer the ones that listen to the lyrics and feel the mood? 

I want destruction, man. I want all that. I want mayhem out there every single time. 

Mayhem and chaos. What’s coming up this year? What’s the next big thing? 

I’m going to drop an album at some point. By some point, I mean like in the next couple of months. 

Any big names on that? 

A few, but I ain’t saying shit. Yeah, they finna come. Then I got a collab project, another mixtape and then another EP. Probably a full album later in the year, like December or January. 

You keeping busy then? 

Yeah, they’re all done so it’s cool, we just trying to market everything and get it right.

And to those kids growing up in New York, singing into their hair brushes, trying to be the next big rapper. What would you say to them kids?

How the fuck you know I did that!?

Who didn’t? What did you used to sing, what was your song? 

It was ‘Big Poppa’, Biggie. 

What would you say to them kids trying to be like you?

Work hard, hard as fuck. I have not stopped working since I was 16 years old, everything I’m doing right now, I’ve done since I was 16.

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