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A remix involves changing an existing recording of a song to make a new version; one that breathes a new lease of life but still provides some form of familiarity. IMANU inventively resets his debut album ‘UNFOLD’ with a dynamic mix of musical interpretations in his latest remixed LP.  

Jonathan Immanuel Kievit AKA IMANU is a French-born dutch DJ and producer. At 14-years-old he began his sound journey under previous alias, Signal, catching the attention of his respected elder, Nosia. His song ‘Tripwire’ was signed to Noisia and after forming the IMANU project in 2019 during lockdown, Kievit was set to stir the electronic scene in a new way. 

Originally coming to prominence through drum and bass, IMANU has been known to mix d n b for the best part of his career, making it a natural avenue to explore in the remixes. A multi genre ensemble, the ‘UNFOLD Remixes’ LP features a range of artists currently relevant in the electronic world. 

Double remixes make up the majority of the album with each song echoing a form of familiar melodic line. Zeds DeadYunis and X&G are a few of the respected names providing a musical interpretation of IMANU’s style. LA producer Nitepunks already released, future bass remix of lead track ‘It’s Our Destiny’ signposts the beginning of the 15 track album. But by contrast, Subtronics’ remix of the same tune uses the catchy melody to accompany complex sound design moving at riddem speed. 

Chopped vocals are fast becoming commonplace in the electronic world and are certainly a theme throughout. ‘Temper’ accentuates this, featuring the vocals of Montreal based singer-songwriter Lia. Both Former and Chee remix the mid way track, transporting the song into a new vibe with pitch alteration and sample cuts. 

Accelerating across fast BPM’s throughout, drum patterns are manipulated with rapidity. Machinedrum’s break beats are no exception to this in ‘Haunt By My Mind’ which is set to around 160 alongside welsh musician, Tudor, whose vocals sit elegantly on top of Machinedrum’s breaks. The styles featured are broad, with the inclusion of trap, dubstep and footwork as well as glimpses of house and techno throughout, making it clear that Kievit’s vision was to lean into a multitude of other artists’ styles to formulate a diverse sound. 

The remixes album is dropping alongside  an exclusive 1,000-copy run of a limited edition vinyl of debut album ‘UNFOLD’, exposing IMANU’s interest in producing music that is fresh and alive.

It is easy to sink into IMANU’s new album ‘UNFOLD’, with its melodic consistency and self proclaimed ‘future breaks’. But what we gain from the remixes is an insight to Kievit’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with other artists and unbox his original tracks to reveal something new. 


Words: Isabel Armitage

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