Island Moons Finds A New Perspective with ‘Jupiter On A Key Ring’

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Island Moons has released his brand new single ‘Jupiter On A Key Ring’.

A bright, hazy offering from the emerging singer-songwriter, the track showcases some of Island Moons’ best material thus far. Pairing mellow acoustics with soft drums and harmonies, the musician looks beyond his own existence and finds perspective in the magnitude of the universe.

Hinting towards the sounds of Radiohead, David Bowie and Cat Stevens, Brandon Harwood first discovered his love for songwriting during lockdown. Using his craft as a means to elevate both himself and the listener, the artist has been taking his solo career step by step. Across a string of releases this year, the riser continues to build momentum, yet to share his debut project.

As Island Moons extends his poetic voice across the indie-folk genre, ‘Jupiter On A Key Ring’ demonstrates his artistic growth.Speaking on the track, Harwood details:

“The main premise of the song, as the title suggests, considers the hypothetical situation that the speaker is able to have the entire solar system within their grasp and view. Like a distant cousin to Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity,’ it drives at how one would view the world from afar. It hums with playfulness amidst flashes of optimism, especially as gentle arpeggios tickle the ears and the bridge culminates with an innate perspective of connection.”

Tune in now.