Jack Conman Shares ‘Utopian Bliss’ EP In Full

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Jack Conman has offered up his new EP ‘Utopian Bliss’ in full.

A songwriter blends the physical with the cerebral, his unique take on alt-soul stands out from the pack. Infused with colour and vitality, a flurry of singles have seen Jack Conman paint a broad picture, one that sketches in the finer details of our sexuality.

Funded in part by his own sex work, ‘Utopian Bliss’ isn’t just about the physical satisfaction that comes with our bodies, it instead focusses on self-loathing and healing, and how coming to terms with ourselves can offer a glimpse of freedom.

Taken as a whole, ‘Utopian Bliss’ works on multiple levels. Sure, there’s the astute songwriting, the divine vocals, and the tender use of melody, but the otherworldly aspects – so reminiscent of Crumb or perhaps Connan Mockasin – cast his work in a psychological realm.

Jack Conman comments…

This record is about sexuality, but not just the blissful parts. It’s also about sexual trauma and healing, an ongoing journey from self loathing to sex-istential bliss and acceptance. Whilst making this EP I wondered whether I was hiding behind a hyper-sexual facade in order to seem like I’m ultra confident and that I have it all together, but I think I was just taking ownership of my own sexuality without shame. This EP helped me learn to truly value myself for who I am, not for what I do or what I can offer another person. 

I’ve come to accept that you are not born to be productive, you are born to exist, you should feel no guilt, shame, stress or pressure to do anything or be anyone. You are everything the universe desires you to be. You are perfect without the material world, without your career, without your possessions, without your accolades. 

Appreciate the inner beauty you hold and appreciate everything in your life which brings you joy. Hold self and self sooth.

Tune in now.