Jamws Breaks Through Barriers With ‘Soft’

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Jamws has shared his intriguing new album ‘Soft’.

Out now, it finds the London songwriter stretching his creative legs a bit, fusing together genres and channelling different colours. Refusing to sit in one lane, the record has the feel of a compilation, brought together by the force of character, and his voice.

Looking back over the music he enjoys as a fan, Jamws points to some greats as the method behind his madness. He comments…

When I write music I try not to think too much about a template. I like to think ‘what does this song need?’ or ‘what world does this song live in?’ It was important to me to have space for full band and solo arrangements, as well electronic producer-y stuff. Artists like Prince, Paul McCartney as well as The 1975 gave me a lot of confidence to try all kinds of arrangements and not feel restricted.” 

New album ‘Soft’ is a kind of coming-of-age moment, dealing with break-ups, fear of intimacy, and self-acceptance. Alluring alt-pop, it puts you in mind of Youth Lagoon or even aspects of Japanese Breakfast’s work.

Continuing, Jamws describes the album:

“’Soft’ is about the pains of a growing heart, it’s a break-up album, it’s about grief and trying to heal, it’s about dying to be seen but afraid of intimacy. The album came at a time in my life where I felt very vulnerable – I was dating for the first time, I started therapy, the pandemic happened, life was different and I had to keep moving. 

Tune in now.