Jim Legxacy Drops New ‘HNPM’ Mixtape

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South East London disruptor Jim Legxacy has shared his new ‘HNPM’ mixtape in full.

The mixtape is titled ‘homeless n*gga pop music’ and it draws on his experiences on the streets of London. Rendered homeless through complex circumstances, these events ignited a fire in him, a will to succeed.

Melding together various strands of UK rap, pop, grime production, MidWest Emo, and a whole lot more besides, Jim Legxacy is equally at ease in alt spaces as he is in a club. Bound together by his innate charisma, this new mixtape represents his broadest, most impactful statement to date.

As Jim explains it’s “a collection of all the songs & demos i started whilst i was homeless. thank u for everyone that gave me a place to sleep, record and create.”

Out now, a full visual rollout for ‘HNPM’ begins later today, with a series of videos incoming shot alongside close friend Fidel.

Check out the mixtape now.