Jossy Mitsu Picks Out Some Summer Shellers

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Jossy Mitsu is one of our favourite selectors, a DJ who perpetually stands at the forefront of club culture. Blending an innate ear for new system flavours, she’s also a technically gifted DJ with her astute blends helping to create a sublime narrative through her sets.

It’s been a big summer for the DJ, and she returns to South London tomorrow (September 2nd) for Creekside Festival. A community-focussed event in Deptford, it utilises 10 venues around the South East London borough, with a host of live events and DJ sets planned.

Jossy Mitsu will be leading from the front, and a select batch of tickets are still available to buy. As a preview, the DJ has dipped into her record bag, with Jossy revealing a few summer shellers to Clash.

Oh, and as it’s Bandcamp Friday, we’re using Bandcamp links only – all purchases go 100% to the artist.

Big Ever – ‘Nature’

I’ve been playing Big Ever’s music for a few years now (since the Cop Envy days) and it’s sick to hear him back on this no-nonsense two-track release. I would describe ‘Nature’ as stripped-back but it just does everything it needs to do which I love! I’ve been battering it recently.

TYGAPAW – ‘Mi Nuh Beg Fren’

I had this on repeat at the beginning of summer and it became one of my anthems. I remember listening to it literally everywhere – on the tube, getting ready to go out, even first thing in the morning (lol). I love the moody darkness it gives especially in the rolling breakdown in the middle.

Unknown Artist – ‘UU007’

This is the latest track from ‘unknown – untitled’. I love the concept of this label releasing everything untitled with no information on the producer until later. I feel like it makes people listen more intently and without bringing in any pre-conceived ideas about the music. It’s been interesting hearing people bring it up in the club or having conversations with friends about who the latest release could be by. All of our guesses so far have been wrong!

Mercy System – ‘Steppers Arc’

This comes from one of my favourite labels Of Paradise who I’m always shouting about. This is track two on their latest release by Mercy System and it reminds me of the UK Garage/dubstep crossover but with some lovely super-clean glitchy bits. I love that combination of nostalgic and forward-thinking production!

OSSX – Make Nice (Club Version)

OSSX are my Gs! My USBs are always loaded with their tracks and they are guaranteed to go off! They’re so consistent with their output and have such a versatility whilst keeping their signature style and staying club-functional. Make Nice is a track from their most recent Bandcamp drop which includes a Jungle version. The SWV vocals on this could definitely make me cry in the club. 

Vigro Deep – ‘Soundcheck’

I first heard this when Vigro Deep dropped it at a Deviation party in London this summer. It was mad to hear the sound completely pan to different sides of the room and it felt like a proper experience that really locked everyone in. I made a mental note and then found it later!

Jessy Lanza – ‘Big Pink Rose’

I’m yet to try this one out (only on radio) but I love it so much and I feel like at the right time this will be so amazing to dance to towards the end of a club set or at a festival!

Catch Jossy Mitsu at Creekside Festival on September 2nd.