Joy Orbison Unveils Retrospective EP ‘archive 09-10’

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Peter O’Grady aka Joy Orbison has reconfigured the landscape of electronic music for over a decade. His debut long-form project ‘still slipping vol.1’ solidified his promise as a premier underground producer creating sample-led nocturnal dance, but it was O’Grady’s early, more obscure cuts that captured a specific metropolitan sensation for those growing up in and around the city.

Today – on his birthday no less – Joy Orbison is commemorating those highly sought-after tracks with the official release of ‘archive 09-10’, comprising five vocal-led tracks along the rave and electronic continuum.

On Instagram, Joy Orbison reflects on the release:

“these picture were taken around the time my first single hyph mngo was released. i was a post boy for a music publisher in Soho at the time. i spent my days in the basement shirking work and planning trips to record shops. most evenings (when i was supposed to stay late and man the phones) i’d be watching the cctv waiting for my boss to go home. as soon as i saw him leave i’d leg it to the tube so i could make the train to my mate Kav’s house. Kav had a bit of a bedroom studio (brudio) set up and he’d let me work on my ideas while he sat on his bed and ate KFC / perused computer music mag. i made a bunch of music around this time between the brudio and my bedroom setup at my parents house. i’m not even sure what the plan was really, i was useless at my (painfully simple) job and i guess this was an escape from that. I had mucked about on fruityloops and cubase for years but i think this was the first time i had a bit of a direction or sound. my only goal was to get one of my tracks played on Hessle Audio’s Sub FM show, that was literally it.

i was and still am useless at backing up but we managed to remaster a few bits from  that era. mostly mp3’s i’d sent to DJ’s and friends around that time. i’m about to turn 37 and was 21 when hyph came out, i can honestly say i had no idea that would be the start of a ‘career’ that even now I still feel in the early stages of. thank you to everyone who’s ever asked me about this music or run it up on youtube. sometimes it’s ok to look back, but keep your ears peeled for what’s coming next.”

archive 09-10‘ tracklist:

tentative bidding demo

smother demo


em & aitch

gr etiquette