K-LONE Launches Second Album ‘Swells’

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K-LONE will release new album ‘Swells’ on July 7th.

The producer has signalled his return, building on the acclaim rightly lavished on his debut LP ‘Cape Cira’. The Wisdom Teeth co-founder returns to the boards, and his second full length statement is due to land this summer.

An all-new 10 tracker, ‘Swells’ is set to be the artist’s broadest statement yet, moving from deep house to Balearic aspects via wonky synth-pop and R&B.

Guest include BRIT nominated underground heroine Eliza Rose, with beatific new single ‘Love Me A Little’ placed online as a preview.

All chopped up colours and nimble percussive aspects, ‘Love Me A Little’ is outwardly simple, with the directness of the melody heading straight for the ear. That said, under the chassis K-LONE builds something intricate and complex, a mesh of interweaving parts.

Tune in now.

A1. Saws
A2. Love Me A Little
A3. Oddball
A4. Strings
A5. Shimmer
B1. With U (Feat Eliza Rose)
B2. Gel
B3. Love Is
B4. Volcane
B5. Multiply